HIRAKU Long-Term Internship Program FY2019 (10th & 11th Term)

Open Call for applications for the Long-Term Internship Program
FY2019(10th and 11th)

>> LT Internship Application Guidelines 2019-10&11 (pdf:165KB)
>> LT Internship_Application Documents 2019-10&11 (word:152KB)
>> Self-Assessment (word:14KB)
>> Attachment1 outline of HIRAKU (pdf:88KB)
>> Attachment2_HIRAKU-PF User Guide for Longterm Internship_201904 (pdf:553KB)

〇 Number of Interns to be accepted

Approximately eighteen (Women applicants will be preferentially accepted for a small number of positions.)

〇 Host Organization

List of host organizations is updated under “HIRAKU Internship” section under the “Internship/Open Position” menu in HIRAKU-PF

>> For HIRAKU-PF Users:
Access the below URL to check the list.

>> For those who have no access to HIRAKU-PF
Click the below HIRAKU-PF icon, enter your e-mail address with the domain of your enrolled university (E.g. @hiroshima-u.ac.jp for those enrolled at Hiroshima University)


〇 Application Procedure

[For applicants enrolled at Hiroshima University]
Refer to the syllabus:
Long-term internship (First Semester)
Long-term internship (Second Semester)
[For applicants enrolled at HIRAKU Member Organizations]
Contact the office listed below in the “Inquiries” section.

〇 Application Documents

  • Application Form (Use the attached prescribed form “LT Internship_Application Documents 2019-10&11”. In case the host organization requests to use their specific format, use the latter.)
    Note: Application forms have to be created per host organizations. If you would like to apply to multiple organizations, please prepare the form for each.
  • Research Achievement Report
    You need to download the Achievement Report extracted from HIRAKU-PF. Refer to the Appendix 2 “HIRAKU-PF User Guide for HIRAKU Long-Term Internship Applicants” to check how to open your account and create the subject report there.
  • Letter of Recommendation, written by the applicant’s academic supervisor (Use the attached prescribed form)
  • Certificate of Enrollment
  • Written Consent of the representative of your enrolled organization*: (Use the attached prescribed form)

*Only for those enrolled at or contracted with one of the HIRAKU Member

〇 Application Period:

April 1, 2019 (Mon) – November 30, 2019 (Sat)
(The above period is set only as a basic guideline. Please check with the relevant contact office, listed under “9. Submission of Application Documents.”)

〇 Screening Procedure

The host organization go through their screening process based on the application documents.

〇 Treatment

Terms and conditions differ by the host organizations. Refer to the list available in HIRAKU-PF.

〇 Inquiries

HIRAKU Operating Council Office
Young Researcher Development
Global Career Design Center,
Hiroshima University
1-7-1 Kagamiyama Higashihirosima-shi Hiroshima 739-8514
Tel: 082-424-4564
E-mail: wakateyousei@office.hiroshima-u.ac.jp

〇 Submission of Application Documents

【For applicants enrolled at Hiroshima University and Member Organizations】
Please submit a list of required application documents in PDF, via Young Research’s Portfolio or HIRAKU-PF
【For applicants enrolled at Yamaguchi University】
URA, Strategic Planning & Operation Department for Research Initiatives
Organization for Research Initiatives
Yamaguchi University
1677-1, Yoshida Yamaguchi-shi Yamaguchi 753-8511
Tel: 083-933-5255
E-mail: conso@yamaguchi-u.ac.jp
【For applicants enrolled at Tokushima University】
Center for Research Administration & Collaboration Research promotion department
Tokushima University
2-1 Minamijosanjima Tokushima-shi Tokushima 770-8506
Tel: 088-656-9759
E-mail: hiraku@tokushima-u.ac.jp


Open Opportunities

Call for Applications