Program for the Promotion of Young Researchers’ Independence and Mobility by Introducing a Tenure-Track System

Program Contents

The member organizations of the Consortium launched a joint call for applications for tenure-track researcher positions from promising young researchers within and outside of Japan in order to promote researchers in these regions and encourage them to become distinguished researchers. In order to pursue the objectives, an ideal candidate for the position will be required to conduct active independent research in each specific research fields, each university is required to hire the right personnel as a tenure-track assistant professor at each university, who is willing to contribute to the Consortium by collaborating with diverse actors, contribute to the Consortium, and is able to develop his/her research career so it can be used even in this uncertain world.
In order to actively improve the present situation of there being a considerably low percentage of women researchers, applications are limited for some positions as they are reserved for women researchers only.

* Once appointed, in principle, he or she is supposed to take up the new position either from April or October, but the start date can be from any month, as long as they start within the designated fiscal year.

The tenure-track researchers can enjoy the following benefits after employment.

  1. University research administrators (URAs) will support research and teaching activities of the consortium researchers.
  2. Approximately 2,000,000 yen will be provided to each consortium researcher as a start-up fund.*1
  3. Consortium researchers are encouraged to do lab rotation in multiple organizations, when it is considered beneficial for the researchers’ career development.
  4. For the benefit of his or her development as a researcher, the consortium researcher might be able to conduct his or her research at other organizations inside or outside of the consortium.
  5. The consortium researchers can be appointed by multiple organizations through the cross-appointment system.
  6. Mentors will be assigned to the consortium researchers to support their research and teaching activities.
  7. The consortium researchers will receive mid-term / final evaluations. Through the evaluation process, the Consortium will provide opportunities to expand their career options.

*1The grant amount is subject to change.


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