HIRAKU 3MT Competition 2021 Finalists

As of October 5, 2021

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Japanese Division Finalists

English Division Finalists

No.   Presentation Title Name University

1 Scaring sea urchins to protect seaweed forests Dominic Franco Casquejo BELLEZA Nagasaki University
2 Intercropping: alternative management strategy to enhance phosphorus use efficiency through P-efficient genotypes Chathuri KARUNARATHNE Hiroshima University
3 A family that sticks together, stays together: The Sticky Story of Oysters Mary Grace Caliwan SEDANZA Nagasaki University
4 In Search of Home: The return of the Vietnamese Westerners Daniel LE Kanazawa University
5 Engineers in the forest: How monkeys change the plants in an ecosystem? Tianmeng HE Kyoto University
6 A Grammar of Kelabit: to preserve a language and culture FUKAYA Yasuka Hiroshima University
7 Bearingless Motors: Magnetically Levitated Motors SWANDAHRU SURYO KUMORO Shizuoka University
8 A Mysterious Messenger in Placenta Break Down the Problems in Preeclampsia: Possible? LITA RAKHMA YUSTINASARI Yamaguchi University
9 Atomic-scale “chest X-rays” with ultrasmall mirrors SHIMAMURA Takenori The University of Tokyo
10 The Cells and the Pea: Forcing Breast Cancer Cells to Grow Old Mazaya NAJMINA University of Tsukuba
11 Zooming in On a New Class of Molecules: Synthetic Bioactive Self-assembly Genyir ADO Kyoto University

English Division Semi-Finalists

Along with the Finalists, the following applicants also scored highly within the Video Presentation Screening stage with their excellent presentations, and will therefore be recognized as the Semi-Finalists.

  • Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed ALI (Hiroshima University)
  • Kathleen Kay BUENDIA (Hiroshima University)
  • Jant Cres CAIGOY (Hiroshima University)
  • Eunbin JEE (Nippon Sport Science University)
  • Yingxu LIU (Tohoku University)
  • MAY SWEET (Gifu University)
  • Apriany SALUDUNG (Hiroshima University)
  • SYAFIQ FALIQ BIN ALFAN (Hiroshima University)
  • Srishti TRIPATHI (Kyoto University)

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