HIRAKU 3MT Competition 2018 – Reports

The 4th HIRAKU 3MT Competition was successfully held on Saturday, September 15, 2018 at Higashi Hiroshima Arts & Culture Hall (Kurara). In front of 280 people as public audience, 31 doctorate students from 9 universities in the West-Japan showcased their research with a single slide in a limited three minutes, in a language appropriate to non-specialist audience.

At the beginning of the program, two tenure-track faculties made presentations on their frontline research, which were both easy and inspiring for public audience.

As a concurrent event, 20 groups of high school students, or future doctorates-to-be, made poster presentations at high quality, which have impressed the audience.

The special session was organized this year, titled “Lessons learned from the West-Japan Torrential Rain”, where five representative members from “Hiroshima University Disaster Investigation Team for Torrential Rain of 2018” made presentations in turns to explain investigation results from history, casue to impact of the disaster from academic point of view.
>> Click here for more details.「特別セッション開催報告」(only in Japanese)

In addition to the above, two programs were offered by Toastmasters International, one of the sponsors. One of them was a keynote speech by Reiko Masui, the Japanese representative at the international speech contest in 2016, and the other was a speech workshop by six club members, demonstraing their awesome tabletopics performance with TIPS to improve public communication skills.

Congratulations to the following winners, determined by the judging panel and audience’ votes.

◎List of HIRAKU 3MT Presenters
>> Japanese Section (pdf:70KB)
>> English Section (pdf:96KB)

○ 2018 Winner: Hossain Md Shahadat from Ehime University
“How Can We Protect Crop Plants from Multiple Stresses?”

○ Global Challenge Award: Sachi Asano from Gifu University
「見えない分子が「一個ずつ」見える! ~細胞の顔「糖鎖」の実体を探る~」

○ People’s Choice (English Presentation): Hossain Md Shahadat from Ehime University
“How Can We Protect Crop Plants from Multiple Stresses?”

○ People’s Choice (Japanese Presentation): Keigo Tashiro from Yamaguchi University

○ Runner-up (English Presentation): Khurel Ochir Tsendsuren from Tokushima University
“Role of a cell-building protein (p21) on osteoarthritis of the Jaw Joints”

○ Runner-up (Japanese Presentation): Reiko Kobatake from Hiroshima University

>> For the rest award winners, click here(pdf:61KB)。

HIRAKU 3MT 2018 Group Photo


Congratulations to the winners below at the Poster Session by High School students, determined by the audience.

◎Create your Future with One Piece of Poster! (20 posters from 11 high schools)
>> List of Posters/presenters (pdf:116KB)

○ Winner – Gold
English Presentation: 
 ・Kensuke Nakanishi (Kinki University Higashi-Hiroshima High School)
 ”Diversity in development of the phalanx intercalary element among anurans”

Japanese Presentation: 
 ・Harune Niiuchi and the other five (Hiroshima Minami High School)
 ・Asumi Ishibashi and the other five (Hiroshima Minami High School)

○ Winner – Silver
English Presentation:
 ・Yuto Sumikawa (Hiroshima Gakuin Senior High School)
 ”When will the Nannkai-Trough earthquake occur?”
 ・Ayaka Ouchi and the other one (Yasuda Girls’ Junior & High School)
 ”A Study on Coastal Garbage Map using Color Difference Information from Digital Camera Image”

Japanese Presentation: 
 ・Chihiro Iwasaki and the other five (Hiroshima Minami High School)
 ・Kazuma Masaoka and the other two (Kinki University Higashi-Hiroshima High School)

High school students presenting at the “Create your Future with One Piece of Paper! Poster Session“

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