HIRAKU 3MT Competition 2018 – Contact Offices –

【For applicants enrolled at Hiroshima University】
    Separate application procedure is set for Hiroshima University. Check here for more details.
    HIRAKU Operating Council Office (Global Career Design Center, Hiroshima University)
    TEL: 082-424-2058  E-mail: hiraku3m■hiroshima-u.ac.jp

【For applicants enrolled at Yamaguchi University】
    URA, Strategic Planning & Operation Department for Research Initiatives
    Organization for Research Initiatives Yamaguchi University
    TEL: 083-933-5255 Ext. 5255 (Yoshida Campus) / Ext. 9990 (Tokiwa Campus)
    E-mail: conso■yamaguchi-u.ac.jp

【For applicants enrolled at Tokushima University】
    HIRAKU Operating Office of Tokushima Universit
    In Center for Research Administration & Collaboration Research Administration Section
    TEL: 088-656-9759 (Ext. 82-9759)  E-mail: hiraku■tokushima-u.ac.jp

【For applicants enrolled at Ehime University】
    Research Planning & Strategy Team, Research Support Group, Ehime University
    (愛媛大学 研究支援部 研究企画・戦略チーム)
    TEL: 089-927-8511  E-mail: kikakuse■stu.ehime-u.ac.jp

【For applicants enrolled at Okayama University】
    Institute for Education and Student Services, Center for Student Support, Okayama University
    TEL: 086-251-8560  E-mail: przw48ay■okayama-u.ac.jp

【For applicants enrolled at Kagawa University】
    香川大学 学術・地域連携推進室 研究協力グループ
    TEL: 087-832-1317  E-mail: sangaku2■jim.ao.kagawa-u.ac.jp

【For applicants enrolled at Gifu University】
    Organization for Promotion of Higher Education and Student Support (ORPHESS) Gifu University
    TEL: 058-293-349  E-mail: career■gifu-u.ac.jp

【For applicants enrolled at Kochi University】
    Research Promotion Section, Research International Department, Kochi University
    (高知大学 研究国際部 研究推進課)
    TEL:088-844-8744  E-mail:kk02@kochi-u.ac.jp

【For applicants enrolled at Shimane University】
    Academic Research Support Group, Shimane University
    (島根大学 企画部地域連携・研究協力課学術研究支援グループ)
    TEL: 0852-32-6632 E-mail: rsd-kenkyu■office.shimane-u.ac.jp

【For applicants enrolled at Tottori University】
    New Research Section, Education Support Office, Student Department, Tottori University
    (鳥取大学 学生部教育支援課新研究科総括係)
    TEL: 0857-31-5966 (Ext. 2437)   E-mail: st-soukatsu■ml.adm.tottori-u.ac.jp

【For applicants enrolled at Naruto University of Education】
    鳴門教育大学 教務企画課大学院教務係
    TEL: 088-687-6097  E-mail: rengou■naruto-u.ac.jp

【For applicants enrolled at National Institute of Genetics】
    General Affairs and Project Section, National Institute of Genetics
    TEL:055-981-6725 E-mail: soumu-mail■nig.ac.jp

【For applicants enrolled at Prefectural University of Hiroshima】
    Management Planning Division, Prefectural University of Hiroshima 
    TEL: 082-251-9534 E-mail: kikaku2■pu-hiroshima.ac.jp

【For applicants enrolled at Kochi University of Technology】
    Research Coordination Division, Research Coordination Section, Kochi University of Technology
    TEL: 0887-57-2025  E-mail: rc■ml.kochi-tech.ac.jp

【For applicants enrolled at Hiroshima City University】
    Center for Industry and Public Relations, Hiroshima City University
    E-mail: nakakura-t■office.hiroshima-cu.ac.jp

【For applicants enrolled at Hiroshima International University】
    Center for Research Support and Collaboration, Hiroshima International University
    TEL: 0823-69-6034

【For applicants enrolled at Ritsumeikan University】
    Graduate School Section, Faculty of Science, Ritsumeikan University
    TEL: 077-561-2624  E-mail: rikou-in■st.ritsumei.ac.jp

*Please replace ■ at each contact address with @.


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