The 4th HIRAKU Achievement Presentation – Event Report

The 4th HIRAKU Achievement Presentation was successfully held at Tokushima University with 55 participants in total.

【Date】Thursday, February 23, 2017 13:30-17:00
【Venue】NICHIA Hall, Josanjima Campus, Tokushima University
(Industry-Academia-Government Cooperation Plaza 3F)
2-1, Minami-Josanjima-cho, Tokushima City

It was kicked off with opening remarks from Toshihiko Nagata, Executive and Vice President (Research/International), Tokushima University. We had a keynote speaker, Mr. Atsushi Ohata from Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory, Inc., who gave precious advice to doctorate students based on his experience, “I’d expect you to have a clear vision on what you want to realize through your research, instead of thinking what you’ll find beyond knowledge and techniques acquired.”

     (Toshihiko Nagata, Vice President, Tokushima Univ.)    (Mr. Ohata, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory, Inc.)

Following the keynote lecture, six participants to the HIRAKU Long-Term Internship and their respective host organizations made presentations to report their experience of internship for two to three months. Internship will give doctorate students not only the hands-on experience to work, but also the critical opportunities to face social issues/challenges leveraging their research expertise where applicable. We were pleased to know that some interns keep continued relationship with their host organizations.

Tariq Muhammad Rizwan,          Hiroaki Ueda, Hiroshima University    Rena Yoshitoshi, Hiroshima University   Hiroshima University

Takayuki Ogami, Yamaguchi University   Yumiko Miyatake, Tokushima University  Junichi Taniguti, Tokushima University

After that, presentations were made by two tenure-track consortium assistant professors, hired through this HIRAKU program, to report their appointment, introduce their up-to-date research progress and their future aspiration.

   KUMRUNGSEE, Thanutchaporn, Hiroshima University      KARANJIT, Sangita, Tokushima University

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