The 3rd HIRAKU Achievement Presentation

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We will hold the “the 3rd HIRAKU Achievement Presentation ~ Invitation to the Doctorate Courses from HIRAKU~” as a part of our program “Home for Innovative Researchers and Academic Knowledge Users (HIRAKU)”

【Date】Friday, July 22, 2016 13:30-18:00
【Venue】Room #E22, Tokiwa Campus, Yamaguchi University
12:30 Doors open
13:30 Opening Remarks
  Kenji Hori, Executive and Vice President (Research), Yamaguchi University
13:45 Keynote Lecture
  Mr. Kazuo Nishikawa, Mazda Motor Corporation, Executive Chief and Principal Researcher, Advanced Human Vehicle Research Division
14:30 Break
Program for the Practical Training and Engagement of Innovators: Debriefing by Internship Program Participants
  (1) Yuka Suehiro(D2, The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Tottori University ▶ National Research Institute of Brewing (NRIB))
  (2) Hiromasa Tomimoto(D1, Yamaguchi University ▶ Institute of Bio-Medical and Welfare Engineering (iBMW))
  Host Organization: Mr. Makoto Hiramitsu, CEO at iBMW
  (3) Wenqiang Hu (D1, Tokushima University ▶ Informatix Inc.)
  Host Organization: Mr. Masamitsu Uozumi, Informatix Inc.
  (4) Ayaka Oya (D2, Ritsumeikan University ▶ CTI Engineering Co., Ltd.)
  (5) Yuma Ito (D2, Hiroshima University ▶ IHI Corporation)
  (6) Takafumi Nishizu (D2, Hiroshima University ▶ IHI Corporation)
  Host Organization: Mr. Kazuo Yonekura, Research Laboratory, IHI Corporation
  *Organization names after ▶ in the brackets show the host companies/institutes. D no. shows the school year as of when the interns were sent to the program.
16:05 Question & Answer Session
Program for the Promotion of Young Researchers’ Independence and Mobility by Introducing a Tenure-Track System: Debriefing by Tenure-Track Researchers
  Shusaku Shibuya (Assistant Professor, Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Yamaguchi University)
16:25 Question & Answer Session
16:30 Break
16:45 Panel Discussion titled, “Doctorate courses to open up the future possibilities”
  Moderator: Masayuki Hyodo (Designated Professor, Yamaguchi University)
  Panelist #1: Kazumi Nagata (Coordinator, Yamaguchi University)
  Panelist #2: Mr. Toru Yamaguchi (CEO, Transition State Technology)
  Panelist #3: Eiichiro Suzuki (Visiting Professor, Hiroshima University)
  Panelist #4: Mr. Kazuo Nishikawa (Executive Chief and Principal Researcher, Advanced Human Vehicle Research Division, Mazda Motor Corporation)
18:00 Closing Remarks 

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Global Career Design Center (Young Researchers Development Group), Hiroshima University
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Strategic Planning and Operation Department for Research Initiatives (URA Room) (Consortium Program), Yamaguchi University
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